Opinion: A New World Order—Again / by Shay Lari-Hosain

Photograph by Shay Lari-Hosain”></div></div><div class=

Our very own “short-fingered vulgarian” has singlehandedly kept the news cycle immersed in his indelicate bluster for so long that sometimes we forget about what’s happening outside the U. S. of A.

In my family’s hometown of Karachi, Pakistan, where our leaders’ sectarianism and political polarization primarily lead the thundering charge against sanity, extremists recently vandalized murals adorning the perimeter walls of the Karachi Press Club.

The artwork, which celebrates progressive women, was defaced with death threats — including the portrait of my grandmother, Yasmeen Lari, a prominent humanitarian activist and Pakistan’s first female architect — and a jibe at the press on the portrait of eminent journalist Zubeida Mustafa.

Extremists openly threatening powerful women, openly threatening Muslims and openly threatening reporters. If you’re Pakistani, you’ve heard this one more than a few times.

If you’re American, now you have too. And it comes straight from the highest office in the country. America, we did it! Without any foreign interference, too. Oh, wait.

Photograph by Shay Lari-Hosain